Never, ever, ever . . .

The Jaguar's Children - John Vaillant

. . . allow coyotes to seal you into a tanker truck to drive you into the desert, purportedly to reach the other side in only three hours.


Tito will never do it again.  And I'm telling you: just don't do it. 


The Jaguar's Children is a book of survival, of living and dying, of family and history and the future.


it is so good.  Do I dare to compare it to Anne Frank?  Yes, I do.  She had a diary, and he had a cell phone, but as far as the importance of the content and the beauty of the writing, they are equals.


Although this is fiction, we've all heard the stories of the thousands who try to cross borders and never make it to the other side.


if you decide to read this book, be prepared for difficult scenes that are hard to sit through, but also you will find this to be meaty with lots of food for thought.



"The human soul was not made to know such things and live." -- Tito, Day 2






Progress updates as I was reading through the book: 


"The battery is getting low now, and the life of the phone is not the only one that matters."