What would anyone do?

The Jaguar's Children - John Vaillant

All his life, Tito's father has told Tito -- he must prepare himself to go to el Norte, so Tito can take care of his papa, his mama and his sister.  Tito has learned English, and gone to university, and in hours he is set to allow himself to be locked into a tanker truck with a dozen other migrantes and be driven across the desert.


". . .  I'm wiping my eyes and trying not to choke on my beer because I want to be hard, but it's hard to be hard, especially when someone's telling you the world that made you is being killed in front of your eyes and what can you do but wait for some men you don't know and don't trust to take your life in their hands and drive you someplace you never been before and all you have is your uncle's phone number and with this you're supposed  to make some kind of life because the old one is broken and you don't know how to fix it except to do what everyone else is doing and go somewhere far away with bad food, cold weather and people who hate you.

You know what I'm saying?

What would you do? "