DNF -- two in a row

Ancient Blood: A Navajo Nation Mystery (Volume 3) - R. Allen Chappell

 I've read 24 pages, and this is why.  I was leaning towards setting it down, not only for these reasons but also telling not showing, and long paragraphs of pontification; and with encouragement from Char and Darth Pony, it simply made my decision easier.


On Amazon, this book has 158 reviews with an average of four-and-a-half stars. Only three of the reviews are below three stars, and even those unfavorable reviews only seem to object to the story being "boring" or similar. I read through two pages of all the reviews and not one of them mentioned having a problem with stereotypes.

And of course I know that you can't take Amazon reviews at face value. But this just seems weird to me -- perhaps I'm overly-sensitive.


i'm settling on two and a half stars for this one because that's exactly neutral.  Since I read 24 pages, I can't say it deserves less than that, but apparently a review doesn't show up on the BL book page if it doesn't have a star rating.



What's next? Crossing my fingers. I'd hate to make it three DNFs in a row.