This is the replacement mystery for the one I just DNFd

Ancient Blood: A Navajo Nation Mystery (Volume 3) - R. Allen Chappell

and I was really excited by the synopsis and the Prologue:


For nearly two thousand years the people who would later be known as the Anasazi gradually developed a culture that still astounds. Then in a matter of only a few years, totally abandoned their great pueblos and homeland, causing a disturbing yet fascinating mystery to forever shadow the canyon lands of the Southwest. It is often referred to as the “Mysterious disappearance of the Anasazi.”

Over the years each succeeding generation of investigators proffered new and sometimes dissimilar theories as to the reason. It is only in the last few years irrefutable new evidence has surfaced which may satisfy all but the most recalcitrant.

In the process, however, a dark and little known side of that ancient people is revealed. A secret long hinted at— yet often denied.


Then i I got to page 1 and this happened: 


Professor George Armstrong Custer bestirred himself from a drunken slumber with the full intent of carrying on business as usual; but as he gazed about the camp in a state of befuddlement, slowly came to the awareness that he was quite alone. His faithful Indian drinking companion and employee, Harley Ponyboy, was nowhere to be seen.


followed immediately by this :


Harley was no stranger to the bottle himself and felt more than a little embarrassed at his deplorable lack of stamina. He realized too late that George Custer was in a league of his own; his Irish heritage had given him a decided advantage.


This is where I make the noise that sounds like a pirate.


i may not make it out of chapter one.


ETA, page 4: and do Native Americans call themselves "Indians"? Because in this book, one does.