OK. This is weird.

What Happened to Marilyn - Alexander Rigby

" . . . an unfamiliar woman appeared wearing a cherry colored sundress, trotting along the avenue with a small deranged looking dog in tow. She had to convince the animal to follow her every step of the way, dragging it by its leash, even though it seemed perfectly content to stay right where it was. Eventually, she got sick of trying to convince the dog to follow her wishes, so she pulled a small shot out of her purse and injected it into the animal’s neck. Jeremiah watched as the dog shuddered for a second or two, and then happily followed the woman as she again went on her way."


and this:


"They didn’t look it, but they both must have been over a hundred years old, it was the only explanation for the machinery that powered them. People younger than one hundred never got any kind of scientific support from the government regulated health care system, at least none that Jeremiah had met anyways."


page 2

the year is 2062.


I'm intrigued.