#amwriting 20K+ on Dark Victorian: ICE DEMON. I think I'm down to the last 1/4 needing filling. *,.,* Been everywhere on the webs figuring out simple, elegant ways to have explosions. Sulphuric ether in mechanical refrigeration. An acetylene gas generator for roasting mutton. We rock the frozen Thames with one boom!


I'll feel sorry when this story wraps, despite that it's about ships (I get seasick, and ships are rather claustrophobic), freezing temps, rather grisly death, and more freezing temps. I've only seen real snow once or twice in my life--the sort that builds up and is everywhere? Ho, that's cold! Therefore I'll probably be the person who could survive it for perhaps 5 seconds. I gave London an ice age for this story, it was the only way to ice over the Thames.


I guess I really enjoy this story because it's very much a penny dread, with just that bit of (Stoker) Gothic and classic X-files with some Thing From Another World homage. I included nifty, beautiful things whilst our heroes, Artifice, Jim, and Delphia pursue why people are shattering into porcelain pieces. "Diamond dust", for example. As shown in the video above.


BEfore it's all done: more fighting and getting elements to tie together. This might be the last of the research because that placeholder in the story that I wrote simply as 'explosion' is now covered, yes? The end is already writ. Then, when I'm really done, it'll be off to the beta-reader, then back to me, then off to the editor, and then back to me . . .



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