He wakes up in a motel room . . .

Jack Strong: A Story of Life after Life - Walter Mosley



. . . groggy and disoriented.  When he looks in the mirror, he doesn't recognise who he sees.  One of his fingers looks like it belongs to a man, and another looks like it belongs to a woman.  When memories start to return, they come from many different people.


he calls an old friend . . . 


“So, so you’re some other guy with Ron’s brain?” she asked.


“I wish that was the only voice in my head,” I, Jack Strong, said. “There are a couple of dozen names I could tell you and many more that I haven’t figured out yet. Men and women, and I think there’s a wolf in there, too. I could lift the old 327- pound Ron Tremont over my head and throw him across the room. I can speak more languages than a professional translator could recognize. And there’s that black van following me wherever I go.”


“So you got me mixed up in some kind of science fiction movie?”


and so it begins.  And all too soon it ends.  The initial plan is implemented satisfactorily, some bad guys are caught with the goods, a couple of people are better off.  And that's about all that can be packed into 52 pages.  


But there's still so much I want to know.  How did Jack get here the way he is with memories and personas from so many different people?  What's he here for?, because someone has obviously engineered him for something.  And who are the people in the black van? 


Very clever, Mr. Mosley.  I will be imagining the answers to these questions for a long time. But what I'd really like is that you would decide to write more about Jack and all the people in his head.