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Blackout - Connie Willis All Clear - Connie Willis

I decided not to participate this month, since last month I did such a bad job of keeping up to date.  But there were so many additions to my TBR pile today, because of this category, and thanks to the people below, that I decided to play just for today.


nobody who knows me will be surprised that these are time travel novels.  And though it is split into two volumes, really it is one book.  You can't read one without reading the other.


modern day historians travel to London during the Blitz, but the plan is to go in during a known "safe day," when no bombs were dropped.  When things go wrong and they can't get back, this is that story.



 And these are the books that are now on my TBR, thanks to BookADay, and these BLers.  



And whoever posted To Serve Them All My Days (sorry.  I've lost the link -- if you remind me, I'll add it in -- thanks.)