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The Longings of Women - Marge Piercy

I read this book shortly after it was published in 1994.  It made an impact with me, and I have never forgotten it.  One of the main characters was a woman in her 50s who had been solidly ensconced  in the middle class, with the assured expectation that that is where she would end her days.  She lost her husband, then her house. After days of living out of her car, she could no longer put her self together  for work as she was used to do and as was expected, so she soon lost her job.


it was a downward spiral, so quick. It scared me.  It still scares me.  


"There is nothing in the world like dealing with the homeless to make a woman engage in financial planning.  It might not work, for there was no avoiding catastrophes, but meeting former housewives, teachers, factory workers, waitresses, secretaries, made Leila understand how fragile were the underpinnings of security for women.  A man left or died, a job ended, a factory closed, a fire burned out her building, and she was out of money and on the streets."


There are other women in this book who also face daunting situations, and they managed to find each other, and started to pull together to make things better for themselves so in the end, there is hope.


there is a great deal here that would be interesting to discuss with a group.