Most Powerful Storytelling

Freedom - William Safire

A novelization of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, this book was written by William Safire, a journalist, columnist and presidential speechwriter.


the Civil War was a jumble of things; civil discord between States that had been united: a fight to end slavery; a battle where brothers fought against brothers and fathers fought against sons; an economic fight for money and material resources between factions; a stage where a plethora of human and political agendas played out.  


The Civil War was many things, and William Safire painted a picture of all the possibilities, the reasons for the conflict, the fight for state rights, the play for power at the upper echelons of political entities.  


His characterization of Lincoln is the one I always envision, a man tortured by the events happening in front of his eyes, but who has the strength to hold the reins and send the horses where he wills them to go in spite of the opposition.  A man who retains the ability to find humor in small things, and to see love where it still grows.  A man who has penned some of the most moving and enduring words in American history.


William Safire knew how to write, he knew how to reach his public, and he knew how best to tell this pivotal story of America: a powerful piece of storytelling of an important place in history.