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Let's Start to Cook: Never-fail recipes for beginners - Nell B. Nichols Land O' Lakes Treasury Of Country Recipes - Robin Krause, Barbara Strand, Cy Decosse Inc.



Cookbooks.  My Mom has my Grandma's and of course, her own, and I have mine.  I grew up with BHG and Betty Crocker cookbooks.  My sister in-law has a cookbook shelf that looks a little like the one above except so many more.  She once did a presentation for her daughter's scout troop demonstrating the differences in cooking from the early days to now using the Pumpkin Pie recipe as an example.  Today, it's "open a can of pumpkin." In the old days, the recipe included information on how to pick the best pumpkin, how to cut it and remove the seeds, and then cook it.  Way harder back then.


 When I was ten or so though, my mom bought me a cook book of my very own, and I was so proud to own it.  Some of my favorite recipes are in Let's Start to Cook.


Now, my favorite one is Land o' Lakes Treasury.  


Except I mostly use the internet.