[Reblogging]. A sort of extended giveaway...

The Labyrinth - Dorian Zari

Hello all,


The giveaway I've recently done with The Labyrinth went great (Thanks to BookLikes) and by the end of it 75 people were requesting it. There were only 10 winners, which I promptly sent the book to with a sort of a personalized e-dedication.


A similar giveaway of my book is about to come to an end on Goodreads (with over 1100 requests) and I can't help but think that out of all these people, only 10 will read the actual book. What do I care more about? The hype or people reading my book?

And then it struck me. After I regained consciousness from the strike, I had a realization: I want people to read my book more than anything else.


Initially I  wanted to personally message most of the people who participated in the giveaway but that would have taken ages, so with the blessing of BookLikes this is me offering The Labyrinth to whoever requests it for the following month. (August to September)

All you need to do to win - is to ask for it either by messaging me here on BookLikes, leaving a comment to this post, or messaging me on Goodreads.