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Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel - David Gatewood, Irving Belateche, Michael Bunker, Ann Christy, Nick Cole, Jason Gurley, Isaac Hooke, Christopher G. Nuttall, Samuel Peralta, Susan Kaye Quinn, Edward W. Robertson, Eric Tozzi, Jennifer   Ellis, MeiLin Miranda

I loved this collection.  First of all Time Travel.  And also, there were tales from authors I have discovered recently through Hugh Howey's Woolverse, and his army of fan fiction authors, whom he has authorized to create stories within his Silo World.  He has helped along some good authors in this way.


there were thirteen stories in the collection and I Loved eleven of them; the other two were Fine, just not quite as fine as the rest.  


Shared from the Afterword:


"One might think . . . that time travel has been done to death.  That the well has run dry.  That there is nothing left to enjoy, nothing new to learn -- no more insights into human nature, no more bewildering paradoxes, no more ripping adventures.  No chance of an "original take" on a tired trope -- just one more protagonist breaking free of time and traipsing naively through history.


And yet.


As the authors in this collection have masterfully demonstrated, "time travel" is definitely not a pre-fab, cookie-cutter story outline that limits the author.  There is no finite well of "time travel stories" that will be eventually tapped.   These thirteen authors were each given the same instructions -- write a short story involving time travel -- and yet they came up with thirteen stories that couldn't be more different from one another, more varied, or more original: moving, intellectual, gut-wrenching, gritty, insightful, haunting, and just plain fun."


I couldnt agree more.




This is another prompt where it's really hard to narrow it down.  I also considered these candidates, classics rather than recent:


These two are from childhood, and from the beginning I didn't really like either one of them.  They are stories of family life and adventure from an earlier and innocent time in small town America and I looked upon them with disdain.  Why?  I have no idea.  Now I find them charming and delightful.


A Southern Woman Author, she wrote stories of Arcadian life in Louisiana.  Her stories are important, but the one I like the most is The Story of an Hour.





And these.  No further explanation needed.