Most Arresting Opening Line.


It's projects like this that make me realize the limitations of e-books.  I can pull a dozen books off my shelf and check the opening lines of all of them in about a minute.


in the case of an ebook, it's: open the Kindle; search for a book; download the book; locate the first sentence -- a single book takes close to a minute.  Just sayin'.


anyway, in the course of searching for a great first line, it turned out that I ran across a kind of a theme.  So I'm sharing three books today and I'm not even going to be sorry about it..



"I heard a noise," Mrs. Davenport said, "and then I was moving through this tunnel."


Blackthorn was suddenly awake.


She comes awake with an urgency she does not at first understand, surrendering the over bright tidelands of dream to the sightless dark of her waking day.