Favorite Novels, July 2014


Aristotle and Dante was my five star read.  It was an excellent young adult in which the main characters seemed true, and all of the parents were actually present, involved and adult.


i indulged in two Artful Dodger updates, both of which were enjoyable and seemed true to the Dickens-verse he's taken from.  And thanks to Lora's Rants, there are several other Dodger titles added on to my TBR list.


Time Shifters, a time travel story with sinister and mysterious overtones, came from another Lora recommendation, and I loved it.  Book 2 is out now and it too made it on to my overloaded list.  (It's all Lora's fault.  I'd say I need to quit reading Lora, but I like her postings too much! So, no.)


Written In My Own Heart's Blood, the long-awaited Addition to Diane Gabaldon's Outlander series -- so worth the wait!  Except, did anybody else have serious misgivings about the action that took place at the end?  I suppose there was no way that was ever not going to happen, but I really don't like it that it did.  My 21st century sensibilities kicking in, I suppose.  But . . .


Eleanor, by Jason Gurley. I don't know what it is. Part time travel, part ghost story, part tragedy, part pathos, part coming-of-age, part love story, part fairy tale.  Whatever it is, it's fabulous.  And beautiful.  I'm still thinking about this one.  I'll still be thinking about this one at the end of the year.


and last but not least, Taxi Cab to Wichita, another one that defies categorization.  Going in, I thought it was a crime spree, and that we would be witnessing murder and mayhem, experiencing terror and menace.  But it wasn't that at all.  It turned into a road trip with a quest, and before the end the characters were redeemed, and the best part of all was the Wizard of Oz bits that just kept cropping up and before you knew it, well, it was Oz all over again, but in a new way, with a twist.  I will definitely be looking for the next book by this author.


next, August excitement.  Rubbing hands gleefully.  can't wait!