A fool sees gold in pyrite, but refuses to recognize what's right in front of his face

The Santa Anna Gold - Michael Bunker

This is a gem of a story that uses the conceit of the Albert Finney brand of time travel and turns back on itself with a twist that surprised me.


in a few short pages, Bunker weaves family loyalty with the legend of the Lost Spanish Gold and traveling to the past, and leaves us with the morality tale of what results when a person's mind is so closed to alternatives, that he is bound in a captivity from which he could easily release himself if only he would accept reality and practice that which he has already learned. 


I'd like to share these quotes because they are the kind that anyone with a readerly bent is going to love. Or at least, I love them.


"'You gotta have the right kind of mind to go back,' Rick said.  'A reading kind of mind.  Able to get into the story.'"


"Young folks don't want books, so they sell 'em off for pennies as soon as their folk die off. Now I say readin' books is the best kind of time travel, but that's an argument for another day."


". . . Rick told me there was no difference in what he wanted to try, and in getting really deeply into a good book or story. . . 'The better you can get into it as a reader, the more real it becomes."


This is my third Michael Bunker.  I believe he enters my List of Authors that I Will Read Everything They Write. (Gotta come up with a better name for that list -- it definitely does not flow.)