[Reblogging]. Dark Victorian: Risen GIVEAWAY! Hosted by Melanie Karsak

To be seen LIVE, for the first time, at SDCC! (toot, ballyhoo!)


On the occasion of my appearing at San Diego Comic Con (Booth 2144, graciously hosted by Prism Comics), and on the panel: LGBT Comics for Young Readers (2-3pm, FRIDAY, Rm 28DE---we bring the NEW, gorgeous Dark Victorian: RISEN, to be seen, touched, (fondled), and coveted by the multitudes of SDCC!


DV_RISEN_photo-cover-EBOOK-AMAZON copy


For those who can't make it that crazy event, here is a giveaway, hosted by the amazing Melanie Karsak! Go here to enter:



Win!! If you already have your copy, tell a friend! And thank you, Melanie! :D


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