It was the title that caught my eye

Taxicab to Wichita - Aaron Louis Asselstine

Because Wichita.


the Dedication is mysteriously interesting.


 "For keeping me grounded yet stratospherically inspired in this strange and beautiful but sometimes daunting place called life, this novel is lovingly dedicated to my mirror mosaic."


It has Chapter Titles.  No one does that anymore, but if the truth is known, I miss it a little.  Does anybody else?  Or is it too cheesy?


"Chapter 1.  Where the driver meets his passenger and they decide on their trip."


This is a pretty good first sentence:


"We both had our secrets: I owed a king's ransom to a pill pusher and he robbed a bank with a urine sample."


I'm on chapter four, and the story is intriguing and suspenseful. Both the cabbie and the passenger are magnetic personalities and they each exude a hint of danger. It feels dark and menacing.  In real life, I think I would find them scary and would go out of my way to avoid them.  Within the pages of this book though, I'm finding I can't get to know them fast enough.