[Reblogging]. Shout Back

"When the suffragettes fought for women's right to vote, they were fighting for our right to a voice. They knew that a democracy where half the population was silent, was no democracy at all. Almost 100 years on, women's representation in all areas of public life has stalled at around 20%; our voices are still being routinely ignored, spoken over, stifled, silenced.

When a woman does speak up, she runs the risk of being shouted down by a society that is still so scared of a woman's voice, it must silence it by any means necessary - including the threat of rape, of death. To that society, women must shout back and louder, until a woman's voice is as unremarkable as a man's. Only then will we combat the fear of a woman's voice; only then will we live in a democracy worth the name." Caroline Criado-Perez


Shout back. No more whispering. No more silence. Shout back.



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