Favorite reads of April 2014



The theme for the month (not really, it just worked out that way) was time travel.


I read, then re-read, all of the currently existing books of The Chronicles of St. Mary's. To date there are three novels and a novella, beginning with Just One Damned Thing After Another, and I am waiting with breath abated for the next one to be released.  I could breathe easier if I only knew when it was expected.


another one of my favorite authors, Michael J. Sullivan began a new TT series with Hollow World, and once again I'm left hanging until the next book release!  It took place mostly in the far future, a very nice place which I'm a little bit sad about, seeing as how I will never live long enough to experience it.


My favorite Teen Time Travel added another book to the CUL8r series


and Diana Gabaldon's novella was released just in time to make me salivate even more uncontrollably until her next novel is released in June.


Contingency has Sage traveling here and there around the continuum, fixing things that are going wrong with History, and also on the lookout for whoever it is that is messing things up.  If I hadn't read all the other amazing TT books this month, this would have been higher on my favorites list.


not a TT, Heist School Freshman was a fun read that took me back to the "good old days," even if they weren't really so good, either then or now.  No matter your generation, I think you only look look back fondly at high school once you have put a distance of a few decades behind you.  This book seems like an accurate rendition, to me, of three boys and their friends trying to get through another year of public school with minimal amount of scarring, and having a fair amount of fun doing it.  The author is working on the sequel and I will be picking it up as soon as it's out there.


finally, 200 Bug Out Bag Items, why you need them and what you can do with them -- concise and full of information, it includes everything you should consider including in the bag you prepare which is ready for exiting quickly in an emergency, why you need it (or why it's optional), plus the multitude of uses you can make of certain items, like paracord, toilet paper and cell phones.  Having needed to exit quickly in a couple of cases and NOT being prepared, (a flood and a hurricane) we now keep a bag that is always full and ready to pick up on the way out the door.  This book includes a few more items I definitely need to add.