[reblogging]. Crazy Things Have Been Happening Today!

Okay everyone, so today has been absolutely manic. I did the interview and photoshoot with the journalist and photographer yesterday for The Journal newspaper - a local newspaper for the North East of England. And today, the article was published in both The Journal and The Chronicle! Here are snapshots of each article:


(The headline on this one is hilarious!)



They are both by the same journalist, but I had no idea it would be in The Chronicle so that was a very pleasant surprise!


Also, after the newspaper came out this morning, I received a tweet from a presenter on a local radio station called BBC Radio Newcastle. He asked me to give him a ring about an interview, so I did. He told me he saw the article in The Journal and wondered if I would do an interview over the phone with him that would only take about five minutes. Well this was at about quarter to 12 and I had to start work at 12, but I said hells yes because I so wanted to do it. We chatted and it was recorded, then after it was all over he told me it would air at 5.25pm. With me being at work, it would mean I'd have to serve customers while the radio station was on and try to hear. 5.25pm came and the interview started and that was when I started to get the awkward customers, so I couldn't really hear properly.


But fortunately I managed to get a recording of the interview and I present it to you now. If you want to have a listen, bare in mind I was shaking with nerves and I probably sound terrible. It was my first ever radio interview and it was so amazing! Sorry to bombard you guys with all of this stuff, I just feel so excited I just had to share it with all :D




(Sorry, I have no idea how to embed the video on here)