[Reblogging]. The Reality of Despair and Refusing to Remain Quiet

The Wake - Paul Kingsnorth Kidland and Other Poems - Paul Kingsnorth One No, Many Yeses - Paul Kingsnorth The Wild God of the World: An Anthology of Robinson Jeffers - Robinson Jeffers, Albert Gelpi Robinson Jeffers: Selected Poems - Robinson Jeffers The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers - Robinson Jeffers

Dear Friends in the Booklikes Universe,


The New York Times has brought us up to date on Paul Kingsnorth in 'The End of The World As We Know It, And He Feels Fine',




in which he describes The Dark Mountain Project,




both of which I thought might be of interest because for the last several years life around me, such as the normally abundant bee population or otherwise healthy human individuals have begun to die away in huge proportions, and my idealism has crumpled into a form of despair that lives in a nebulous world previously unknown in my experience.


Booklikes is about books, Paul Kingsnorth is an author, and it is pertinent to reference him here, although I often stray off topic due to living with the reality of despair regarding life on this planet.  However, The Dark Mountain Project is something that writers and artists across the planet may embrace as a refuge and a resource, just as Paul Kingsnorth turned to Robinson Jeffers.


Perhaps all I can cling to is a peaceful heart.