This is more like it . . .

Heist School Freshmen - Alan Gallauresi

(After my displeasing experience with my most recent time travel trial.)


 Three high school freshman are having a clandestine party because that's what you do when your parents are out of town for three weeks.  It's Lionel's place (the Penthouse. Sweet!), so he was in charge of hacking the loop in the service elevator and stealing the key to the back entrance from the Security Guard.  Angel was in charge of music and mood (he rented a fog machine), and Drew had to get the drinks.  Just prior to party time, Drew shows up with five bottles of almond extract, a dozen Seven Hour Energy Blasts and a bag of flour.

"I ran over and started sifting through Drew's haul. 'And the party is started! Here we go… Wait! What the hell is this, Drew? This isn't alcohol!'

'There's alcohol in it,' he argued . . . The almond extract is like 30% alcohol.' 
My mind boggled. 'Then what's the other stuff for?'
'Well, it's kind of suspicious to just buy five bottles of almond extract. So I had to pretend I was baking . . . I just didn't have the money or the energy to get anything better.'
'This is a disaster!' I pronounced."

Lionel saves the day.  "I can do something with this."

"He tried the extract ('tastes like cherry') and an Energy Blast (he made a face like he'd drunk curdled milk) then told us to hand him all the 7-Ups while he cut up several limes."


Lionel's recipe for 'Mamacita Buenas:'


1 can pineapple juice

2 bottles almond extract

1 can Energy Blast

juice of three limes, and throw in the rinds

fill the rest of the container with ice and 7-Up


"I'm not going to say it was magical, but damned if it didn't taste pretty good."