[reblogging] Bad summary? Cover? [Unapologetic Reviews wants to know]

I've been reading some stuff about publishing online, and I noticed that my short story on Wattpad isn't being read. I know that I'm not the best summary writer, but it could also be that it's kind of pretty short, and I haven't done a lot to promote it other than put it on my Facebook timeline a few times. Or it could be the cover. So I thought, that maybe some of you guys could lend in your two cents on the subject.


The cover:


For some reason the right side keeps getting cut, no matter how I resize.


The summary:

An alien planet, a secret mission, Galen thought it was going to be an easy task. How wrong he was.
A short story inspired by The Emperor's Arrival by moonxels on DeviantArt. Used with permission.


So what do you think? Are they terrible? I'd like to learn how to make a book attractive online, because my mum is almost done with her book, and I want to help her.


The story if anyone's interested: http://www.wattpad.com/story/2495621-the-emperor%27s-arrival

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