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Life After Life - Kate Atkinson

[Liz Loves Books is starting a fun new series, ongoing but intermittent.  We can follow along and/or participate as we choose.  Here are the details.]


Life After Life seemed appropriate to start this post. Book After Book perhaps. Reading Life after Reading Life :)


Anyway following on from yesterday's post here we go with how to take part. Its simple. Talk about a book you loved and why you loved it. Or 2 or 3 in one go if you like. And this will be open ongoing so you can send me an article any old time you feel like it. Maybe if the book you are reading NOW gets onto your all time fave list. Or you wake up one morning remembering why you loved The Famous Five. Anything goes as long as its about the love of books. I made a suggestion about choosing books from childhood to start but feel free to COMPLETELY IGNORE ME! This is intended for each individual reader to talk about their love of books in any way they see fit. There are no rules. :)


I will drop one in randomly on my blog every so often. One a week or so if I get enough. Here's how:


Email me your article: lizbarnsley@hotmail.com


With the heading "Why We Read"


Include your article - dont' worry about book images etc I will add all that.


Let me know the following:


1) How you wish to be identified (using your reviewing name, or real name or just anonymous reader if you like. Up to you.)


2) Let me know if you would like me to add a link to your blog or twitter or BookLikes or wherever so that people can find your reviews or other blatherings


If you would prefer not to email then message me here with your thoughts and same thing applies.


Happy Reading Everyone!





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