Recapturing the Joy of Reading.

The Stand - Stephen King The Humans - Matt Haig

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So two of my favourite books here to illustrate my point. And apologies if I babble. I want to get this right!


Inspired by the discussion recently with Moonlight Reader on the Amazon reviewing heartache - see article here:


I suggested that perhaps it was time we had a sort of Book Loving virtual coffee morning. Some guest posts on my blog over a period of time, discussing Books. The ones we love. Why we love them. Put the reviewing part of it aside for a moment and remember that its likely that ALL of us got into this in the first place because we LOVE READING. And that my friends, should ALWAYS be what this is about.


Here is what I propose:


I will start an ongoing feature on Liz Loves Books with guest posts from my reading friends (notice I say reading friends not reviewing friends although a lot of you are both!) and it will all be about books. Only about the love affair we have with books. Here is how I see it working;


Anyone who wants to take part can tell me about a few books. Lets say 4 to start with. 2 you loved in childhood. 2 you loved in adulthood. Can be any book for any reason. Don't review the book. Just tell me why you loved it. Why it stayed with you. And remember it doesnt need to be a chore because this will be ongoing. The 4 you choose don't need to be the best ever, throwing aside any other joyful reading experiences you have had, maybe just the first 4 that come to mind or simply the ones you always end up talking about (we all have them!). Because there will be opportunities to talk about others....


Rather than have a week of features I'm just going to drop one in on the blog every now and then inbetween the reviews and the author interviews and the other stuff I do. So that everyone reading my blog will be reminded at regular intervals that us reviewers and bloggers are here because WE LOVE BOOKS! Thats it. Whatever other crap we get caught up in that will never change.


I thought I would entitle the feature simply "Why We Read". Nothing else. Just that.


As time goes forward, you can keep offering different articles at different times - perhaps if you read a NEW book that touches your heart. Or if you suddenly remember one from years ago and go "ooh gosh I remember feeling...." Its not just one guest post then you can never say anything ever again  - lets keep it going.


If anyone else has a blog perhaps we can share the feature - make it a blogging community thing . I'll contribute to others. The one thing is - lets remind people who do read our reviews/blatherings etc that at the very heart of US is that pure joy of reading. There must be hundreds and thousands of books over the years that between us we have enjoyed or taken something real from. We probably have enough reading data between us to do this for a long time.


If you would like to take part simply message me or comment. Authors and Readers this is open to ANYONE WHO LOVES READING.


If you have any idea's apart from what I've put above about how it could all work, then shout! I'll happily admin it and collate it and keep things safe so that you can write about your love of a book whenever you like without a deadline. And we can spread the love.




I did babble. Sorry. What do you think? :)









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