After visiting a homeless man in the hospital --

The Jade Rabbit - Mark  Matthews How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America - Otis Webb Brawley, Paul Goldberg



"'Healthcare is just to keep the elite in charge, and the rest of us well enough not to notice and revolt,' Randall said lifting his head.  'Jervis should be getting the same care as the governor's daughter, but instead he's getting shuffled around. It's a shame.  If he had one doctor to see him through all this,  it could probably be prevented or managed.'"


Jervis is a schizophrenic diabetic, with not too many options; in the same plight as many in this country (and, I know, world-wide, too).  


i am futilely wishing that we could figure out a solution as I am personally aware of more than a dozen people who are at risk of bleak futures as a direct result of the lack of affordable healthcare, and I worry for them.  Two of them are having problems because their previous insurance plans were discontinued as a result of the new mandated health plan, and so far they haven't been able, for various reasons, to finalize anything on the government site,