Book Two is Better

Return of the Pale Feather (Time Walkers) - E.B. Brown

If I hadn't had book two in the queue, I would have have dropped this series without a care.  However, this one is somewhat less unpalatable, or maybe I've merely become inured to all the failings.  



1. Has as all the usual Romance tropes: unrequited love, messy love triangle, miscommunication disagreements etc

2. Plot holes.  Eg. The women at camp are preparing the meal, full of more meat than usual because of the successful hunt.  The men ride into camp bringing with them all the meat from the successful hunt.

3. The heroine is still very annoying and immature.  When Marcus (her father figure) contemplates leaving for the future to take his dying son for medical treatment, Maggie screams at him that if he leaves her, she will never forgive him.  What?!


Anyway, all that aside, at least the story line is interesting enough that I may go ahead and get the next book in the series, but I am not exactly in a big hurry to do so.