Out of Time, a time-travel series by Monique Martin

Out of Time: A Paranormal Romance - Monique Martin The Devil's Due: Out of Time Book #4 - Monique Martin Fragments: Out of Time Book #3 (Volume 3) - Monique Martin When the Walls Fell: Out of Time, Book 2 - Monique Martin Thursday's Child: Out of Time Book #5 - Monique Martin Sands of Time: Out of Time #6 - Monique Martin

Judging by the history of publication dates, it will be about six months before the next book in the series is available.  (Frustrated vocalization without words.!)  No indication  from the author regarding an upcoming publication date, although she does say it is a project she is working on, but not to the exclusion of all others.


Anyway,  this is a really enjoyable storyline in which Simon and Elizabeth travel in time in order to right wrongs.  They are working from a list and so far only two names have been crossed off, so it looks as if the author is planning a long-running series, which is fine by me.  Bring 'em on, faster is better.


There is action and adventure, gun fights galore, spies and bad guys, not to mention the vampire, the ghost and the devil himself.


If I had rated each book singly, the first two books would have scored in the two- to three- star range, due to the overblown and contrived suspense factor of the budding relationship between Elizabeth and Simon.  (I love her. But I can't.  I want her. But no.  It was a mistake. But she is so desirable.) Two books of that was more than enough, but by the third one, all of that is left behind and we can get on with it already. YAY. Also there were a few Wording problems: wretch when she meant retch, placard when she meant placket, enough to divert, but not to ruination.


The period settings seem authentic, the characters are genuine, and the suspense is killing me.  MUST find out what happens next!