It's the near future. And there's Calines! ! ! ! !

Fate's Mirror - M. H. Mead Fate's Mirror - M.H. Mead

FATE'S MIRROR by M. H. Mead.


Chapter 1.  Main Character successfully completes a tricky hack when his computer dies, his backup system fails, his house goes dark, and his basement catches fire. He barely escapes before the house explodes, and he immediately runs for cover. His nearest hope for escape is a client and private investigator fifty miles away by bus.


Chapter 2.  MC persuades Aidra to let him lie low there for a night or two until he can make further arrangements.  She reluctantly lets him bed down on her couch.


Chapter 3.  When he wakes up in the morning, she is just returning along with her genetically-engineered Caline, Madeline.


"Morris reached down to give her a pat, running his fingers through her silky, golden fur, taking a deep breath of her heady scent. . . .

'I'm surprised you run with her.  Doesn't a caline attract a lot of attention?'

'I only run with her in winter when the sun rises later.  Madeline can pass for a dog in the dark.'

Morris nodded.  Taking a caline out on a leash was like walking a leopard.  In addition to being rare and exotic, now that the company that engineered them had gone out of business, they were an endangered species with no hope of recovery.  Their scarcity had rendered them priceless."

Aidra has a teen-aged son, a gamer who respects Morris's talents, and they share some humorous moments before Jon leaves for school.


So, there's danger, mystery and humor.  To this point,  it seems intelligent and witty.  Of course the selling point is Madeline.   Liking it very much so far.  Can't wait to read more!


In case you are interested, it's currently on sale for $.99 at Amazon.