I'm one of those readers who skip the sex scenes.

Might Have Been - Jeremy Sterling

In fact, if I know a book is all about the sex, I skip the book.  That's just me.  But this book was Time Travel!  so I decided to give it a go anyway Cuz I can always skip the sex scenes, right?  (By skipping the sex scenes, it becomes a very short story indeed.)


What a good Time Travel it was!


Lance, a physicist, was "the best of his class" but his career has stalled and he is trapped in a troubled relationship with a woman who has mental issues.  He is sure he cannot leave her because she is a danger to herself.


His situation leaves him in a constant state of frustration, and he dwells on all the women from his past, and wonders about the consequences of his decisions and whether or not there was another path he might have chosen that would have left him happy and successful.  


He spends A LOT of time thinking about his past women, so much so that when his work gives him the opportunity, he travels back to those scenarios where he struck out with them to see if he can change the outcome the next time around.


This is two books in a row where I was condemning the MC for using his 26 year old Self, with his accumulation of knowledge and experience, in conjunction with his 16 year old body to go back and manipulate events and schoolgirls so he could score this time around.  


In both cases, I found myself changing my mind.  I still think his actions are reprehensible; however, in the context of the story, it works.  As one of the characters says, "Life is manipulation, but it matters why and for whom."


 The characters are smart and sexy, witty and likable. The dialog is engaging.  The plot is well-executed and the outcome is excellent.  And I found myself NOT skipping the sex scenes.


For some reason, Jeremy Sterling is giving it away; all of his books are free at Amazon.  They all seem to involve a lot of sex, but I am thinking I am going to have to sample some more of his work.