21% through this Time Travel novel . . .

Running Back - Freddy Y. Grant

. . . And it has some credibility issues.


An age regression researcher, Keith, in a governmental facility has secretly injected himself with the result of his experimentation, and now looks exactly like his seventeen year old self.  Enlisting the aid of a security guard, Pete, he escapes the facility and is now on the run because he wants to: (Get this) . . . 


 . . . Return to his hometown, where his wife and son (abandoned by him shortly after his son's birth) live with their new family.  


"Okay, exactly what's going to happen I'm not sure.  She's remarried and I don't plan to interfere with that.  Obviously I can't let them know who I am.  But I just want to be near them.  I want to experience what they do every day.  You know, feel what a normal family is like."


So now, he's "getting in shape" so he can get on the football team and play with his son.  Right, nothing can go wrong with that plan.


Not to mention that he's on the run from the government who have been waiting impatiently for months for his results.  For some reason he thinks he can call the shots and get away with it.


Hmmmm, we'll see, I guess.  So for now, I am suspending my disbelief to see where this goes from here.  But I am really having a hard time buying it, especially since Keith is pretty much an all-round jerkface and not the kind of guy it would be cool to hang around with.


take deep breath and fortify self . . .