I am definitely going to find the rest of this

Strangelets With a Side of Grilled Spam: Episode One - Michael Angel

Strangelets With A Side  of Grilled Spam, episode 1


This author knows how to write dialog, control pacing, and does a good job of revealing the back story.  Nice action sequences.  I already like the characters.


For those of us who don't know these things, he manages a fine explanation of what strangelets  are.


here is the part where I knew I was going to love it:

Church was one hell of a mechanic - otherwise I'd never have let him talk me into putting a supercharger onto a Humvee's motorblock.



Currently there are four episodes available in an omnibus form, which I will be downloading after I get through the rest of the pile of free stuff I got.  


By the way, I found this when I searched for "time travel," which this isn't, but it is still good scifi.