Flawed, but quirky and charming

Stranger Things Have Happened - Joshua Krause

This is one of my free time travel books, and I found it enjoyable.  It was awkward and clumsy throughout, and is badly in need of editing, but that said, I think the author has potential. 


The story is told by a thirteen-year-boy who has been turned into a raccoon by a time-traveling immortal girl. He follows the girl through a portal In the hope that she will be able to change him back.  (Stranger things have happened.)


i usually have no patience for constant crimes against grammar, and there are many of them here. "Worst" instead of "worse," "lied" instead of "laid" ("he lied on his back," which might have been correct except he wasn't speaking). Sentence structure is awkward, word usage indefinite, pronouns questionable.


but despite all that, I kind of liked it. It is quirky and charming as I said, and if he can manage to keep that voice, while losing the negative aspects, I will look forward to reading his future works.