Mark Matthews, I REALLY NEED TO KNOW !!! Seriously !

On the Lips of Children - Mark Matthews, James Roy Daley

So this was really creepy, and disturbing, and icky and horrific.  It doesn't happen to me often when reading, as I am older, and jaded, but there were episodes in this book that made my heart pound. Hard. I could feel throbbing pulse points in more than one place.


This book is well worth the read if you like to be scared out of your mind.  But there are other aspects explored as well like family and relationships and love and trust, that might appeal to readers beyond the horror genre but only those with nerves of steel and ironclad constitutions.


But Mark Matthews, please I really have to know . . .


(and I can't decide that this is a spoiler, so if you aren't Mark Matthews, read the question at your own risk . . .


is everyone truly safe at the end?  Because I feel like we are supposed to know they are rescued, but it doesn't feel that way in my gut.  And my insides have been roiling for days while turning it around in my mind. And I just can't take it anymore.  


I must know!