The First Bird: Episode 3 - Greig Beck The First Bird: Episode 3 - Greig Beck

Okay, that was. Terrifying!

Couldn't wait! until this morning to purchase the third episode. And I was loving it until about halfway in when the author succumbed to the formulaic mandate that says all the characters must become stupid long enough for something totally preventable to happen. It almost was sufficient to make me throw the book aside in disgust.

However, in episodes 1 and 2, the monsters were horrible enough, and the effects of the pandemic were gruesome enough, and the characters were compelling enough, that I couldn't quite make myself put the book down. I wanted to be sure that everyone got out alive, and that the aftermath was the usual happily ever after return to life as we know it.

Well, that didn't happen. But the ending was even better than I expected -- a shivery deliciousness guaranteed to having me looking over my shoulder for a long while, and skirting around vegetation with a very wide perimeter.

Thank you Greig Beck for a fun and fearsome read.