Do any of you remember me?

Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History - Dan Flores

It's been fifteen months since I've posted anything.  The most I've done is shelve my reads, and occasionally check on my groups.  


When i really checked BL out again, a few weeks ago, I discovered the site was in danger. Oh, No!  Even though I haven't been here, knowing you all were here was a comfort.  My fingers are crossed that improvements continue.


the last couple of days,  I've been reading through my feeds, and I recognize you guys.  I'm looking forward to interactions with you all again.  


All this past year, when I've run across something special in my reading, I'd think, oh, must share on BookLikes, but then I never did.  Turns out, it's apparently been hard for anyone to share anyway, so maybe I picked the best time to be gone and to return.


The reason I've been away?  I think I just needed to withdraw and get some balance back into my life.  It feels all better now.  Anyway, if you're so inclined, say hey.  If not, well . . . Maybe we will talk again in the future.



re this book I'm reading.  I've been enjoying it; it's a nonfiction "natural and supernatural history" of the coyote.


did you know if you like coyotes, you probably pronounce the word as ki - Oh - tee?  If you don't like coyotes, you probably pronounce the word as Ki - oat.  Huh, who knew.  I have a fondness for them, so . . . 


up to this point, I've been liking what I'm reading.  But now I've reached the chapter called 'A War on Wild Things.'  From the 1850s through the early 1900s, we mass-exterminated Coyotes (along with wolves, mountain lions and bears) in the hundreds of thousands.  And killing them with guns wasn't an efficient enough way to do it.  Strychnine and the introduction of sarcoptic mange into the population got the job done more thoroughly.  


Don't you sometimes hate us as a species?