My cats are getting tyrannical

they've come to the conclusion that the iPad belongs to them.  Any attempts by the human to use the Kindle app, read BookLikes, or post a blog are looked upon most disfavorably.  It cuts into their time to watch the fishes, stalk the mouses, and chase the laser dots.  


Im not sure why I ever thought it was a good idea to introduce them to the CatPlay apps.

Stevie, Elvis, and Moma, completely enraptured.  Only Arcie refuses to join in.  She still prefers the sofa cushion in front of the window.  Sunlight and birds are her thing.


after letting them have my tablet most of last week, I finally got my husband's iPad and loaded apps on his as well.  That didn't work precisely as planned.  Now they simply lay claim to both of them.




so now, H asked if they need their own tablet.  Yay!  Because I'm tired of sharing; not to mention the nose prints on the screen.