BLer with two followers -- I'm asking you to give him a chance

ETA: never mind the endorsement.  I would simply delete my post, but there are comments I like. Besides this will be a future reminder to me -- please quit with the naive "stuff needs to be fixed approach." It needs to stop. Besides, the two novels he wrote reviews for still sound good.


Rod Raglin been featured twice in the BookLikes newsletter, but most of us have declined to follow him.  he's an author and I understand why that X's him out for some of us; and sure he talks about his own books some, and about his own journey in the publishing world.  


But he also writes really entertaining reviews for books that are mostly under the radar -- some deservedly so, but some that are worthy of our attention.


i offer this as an example: excerpts from his review of In the Light Of What We Know, which he rated two stars:

In the Light of What We Know: A Novel - Zia Haider Rahman 


"I’m not a very smart guy.

At least not compared to Zia Haider Rahman, author of In Light of What We Know.

I dropped out of journalism school because I got a job on a newspaper – hey, I thought if Icould get a job on a newspaper before graduating just think of all the tuition I'd save,


Anyhow, this is a review about Zia Haider Rahman’s novel, not my autobiography.

Smart is what Rahman is – first class honours at Balliol Oxford, then on to Munich and back to finish at Cambridge and Yale, sort of the academic grand slam.

This is his first novel and as one would suspect for a guy that smart – did I say he also worked as a investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York – that would likely make him rich as well as smart.

Back to the novel, his first one, it’s a huge hit. Well, what would you expect from a super rich, super smart guy except his first novel would be a best seller? . . . 

. . . ordinary set up, certainly not what I’d call a dramatic hook, but then like I said I’m not very smart and Rahman, well…"


So that's an example of a review for a book he didn't like so much, but his review? fun and snarky.


in fairness, I offer two Post Titles for books he did like:


When the Decision Is To Be Indecisive


Rod writes a good review for a solid book.



 The Humanity and the Hypocrisy of Pioneer Life in America

The title of the post alone made me want to read the book, but read his review; you might like it too.


i've never seen Rod be ungracious to BookLikers.  [ETA:  I stand corrected.  Turns out he's way less than gracious. Only reason he wasn't, is he's not interacted with us before.]


And besides he takes good photographs, some of which he shares.



So that's it.  Just wanted you to know he's over there.