Debunking fight scenes in fantasy battles

Just found this blog post by a brand new BLer.  Here's an excerpt:


"You’ve seen the classic fantasy weapon and armor tropes a thousand times in books, films, and games: A heroically-muscled strongman in full plate armor locks blades in an epic swordfight with his opponent. A pair of unarmored duelists dash back and forth across the deck of a ship trading banter over an endless series of feints and ripostes. A lithe, slender woman peppers her less mobile, armored foes with arrows as she dances to safety, but struggles to lift a full-size sword.
The scenes are certainly exciting and dramatic. But unfortunately for Hollywood, none of those things are particularly realistic — at least not as far as real-world Earth history goes."


but you can read the whole thing at mightythorjrs Fantasy / Historical Fiction / Sci-Fi and Star Wars Reviews. (Wow -- that's a long one.)


anyway, drop by and say hey, if you're so inclined.  I already followed him because he likes what I like.