Why has no one yet written the book for this?


Otse the Iceman was discovered in an Italian glacier in 1991.  We've been studying him for twenty-five years. He has viable blood cells and we know there are at least nineteen people walking around on the European continent who are related to him.


we know he was forty-five years old when he died 5300 years ago.  We know what he ate for his last few meals and we know his diet for the last several months of his life.  We know his health, his occupation, his status, his tendencies.  He had tattoos.  We know how he died.


we know he had good shoes.  His shoes were so good that a California company has re-engineered them for sale to the modern-day customer.




the video shows the owners of the OTZ shoe company making a pilgrimage to the discovery-site of the mummy.


This is the shoe.


and apparently there's a curse, ala King Tut's Tomb.


so all this is fascinating.  Where's the chronicler to tell us his story in fiction form?  Someone should be all over this.



Source: http://www.iceman.it/en/node/226