I love these women.

Girl Waits with Gun - Amy Stewart



". . . when  Lucy grabbed me on the street in Paterson that day, I couldn't understand how anyone would take hold of a stranger and pour out their troubles. But now I realized that people did it all the time. They called for help. And some people would answer, out of a sense of duty and a sense of belonging to the world around them. . .


 Some people . . . would run straight toward a disaster, not because they were heedless of the danger, but because they were prepared to do something about it. . .



If I could give something to Fleurette – – if I could give her one silent gift – – it would be this: the realization that we have to be a part of the world in which we live. We don't scurry away when we are in trouble, or when someone else is. We don't run and hide. . . "


Constance Kopp does the opposite of running and hiding.  It's 1914 and she lives alone with her two sisters in the house left to them by their mother.  


It's 1914, and three women living alone "isn't done."  But they are unconventional, and are determined to take care of themselves without a man to do for them.  


It's 1914, and there are plenty of men around who are only too happy to tell them how they should be living their lives.


it's 1914, and the recent labor strikes have left bad feelings behind, and dangerous men still look for trouble.  Constance and her sisters have had the misfortune to attract their attention.  Add in a kidnapping, blackmail, and personal assaults and this makes for a very exciting read that is also educational.


The Kopp sisters have financial worries, but they are irrepressible and irresistible.  I love them.  I'm kind of hoping that Amy Stewart will feel the need to make this an ongoing series.  It's based on actual events, and could easily end here; but it seems to me she has left the door open for a sequel, and I would love to read more about their adventures.