Time travel by means of body-switching

Memoirs of a Dead White Chick - Lennox Randon

Eleanor Ross, 41-year-old school teacher in Houston, had overslept, and left the house without her coffee.  She thought she was going to be able to arrive at work on time until a speeding tow-truck swept her off the road.


the next thing Eleanor knows, it's 1858 and she is in the body of 16-year-old Matthew, recovering from a life-threatening illness. 




"As much as I loved movies, I was surprised that I didn’t miss television too much, but it would have been nice to have a few good books

and a laptop for keeping a diary.

And a real toothbrush.

And hot and cold running water.

And toilet paper.

And coffee.

And a refrigerator stocked with chocolate ice cream

and a variety of good to very good wines.

Sitting . . . thinking about what I missed didn’t make time go by any faster,"



she's sixteen. She's male. She's black.  She's in 1858.  We are experiencing a whole lot of contrasts with her.  

Loving it so far.