Arnold Palmer, meet Laura Palmer.

The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May - Mark Z. Danielewski

Overheard at a post-game-launch celebration:


"'Do you know what an Arnold Palmer is?' . . . (Talbot) . . . asked Xanther.


Xanther shook her head.


The drink looked dirty, overcrowded with ice.


'Half ice tea, half lemonade,' Talbot explained, and then he held up a small shot glass with red at the bottom.  'Plus a little blood!'


'Cool!' . . . Talbot let three drops slip into her cup.


'Voila, a Laura Palmer,' handing over the pinkening cup.


'Who's Laura Palmer?'


'Twin Peaks?'  Talbot looked genuinely shocked.  'Anwar, your daughter doesn't know Twin Peaks?'


'She's twelve,' Tal. . . .


'Do Arnold and Laura know each other?' . . . 


'They do now.'


'And the red stuff, really what is it?'


'Grenadine.  You know, in Shirley Temples?  You don't know who Shirley Temple is do you?


'Another drink I've never had?'"




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