One more then I'll stop

A Vision of Fire: A Novel - Gillian Anderson, Jeff Rovin

even though I still have over a hundred of pages to read.


because Terrier Frenzy!


"' . . . I want to talk about setting up focus groups on shared Internet and social media paranoia.'


'I like the idea,' Caitlin said.  'Shared angst.'


'It's like terrier frenzy,' Anita said.  'One dog gets upset, so another dog gets upset because that dog is upset, making the first dog even more upset.'


'Right, you have two Jack Russells,' Caitlin said.  'Do they do that a lot?'


'Every time the doorbell rings,' . . . " 


(Huh. It's really hard to find good videos of terriers in a frenzy.  Not unexpected, I guess, now that I think about it.)