Anyone up for a Trigger Warnings discussion?

I'm Reading Comeeks poses a question:


"The most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me didn't really happen to me. It happened to someone else and I experienced the fallout of it. What could be the trigger that would cause me to re-experience the pain of losing someone in a way where they just disappeared, never to be seen again?  . . . 

 . . . the narrator, asks us to think about those we've buried and I felt slapped by the casual way he asks, "maybe a cousin who overdosed?"

Is that what it means to be triggered by something? It triggered a negative response in me, I was thrown off my reading game throughout the rest of the comic."


this seems like a pretty good discussion question to me.  if you would like to air your thoughts and opinions on the subject, Click on the link for I'm Reading Comeeks , and join in the discussion.  See you over there.