The Wedding Tag

The Reader who Lives a Thousand Lives created The Wedding Tag in honor of a friend, and asked anyone who wanted to join in.  Here's my choices.


The Wedding Dress- A book that was either simple and elegant or breathtakingly over the top.


I chose this one, but I'm not sure if it's simple and elegant, or over the top.  I think it's a little bit of both.  The concept is a bit over the top, but the story is elegant.


The Wedding Cake- A book that was so scrumptious you just ate it up.


I love dual-time historicals.  The modern story is set on the rugged Scottish coast, and the historical one takes place in the lavish Russian court of Empress Catherine. 


I had chosen Cloud Atlas because I love it, and also the idea of layers in a cake seemed especially suited to the stories layered in this book. But then, I realized I had a 100% women authors thing going except for just this one. So I deselected it in favor of the Kearsley, but I couldn't quite bring myself to remove it from the game altogether.

The Wedding Party- A book with amazing characters that you fell in love with.


Elizabeth Bear has created a tremendous cast of characters in this Western Steam-punk, sci-fi mashup.  The residents of a brothel in a mining town have united themselves into a close-knit and loving family, each one contributing to the group with their own strengths, and forming a courageous front against their enemies.

The Wedding Reception- A book that left you with a major hangover.


I'm still fervently wishing for Connie Willis to decide to add on to this universe.

The First Dance- A book that was so beautiful you cried.


Yeah, I cried.

The Maid of Honor or The Best Man- A book with two amazing friends.



Three friends, each with a story of domestic abuse in her past, have banded together to form a fast friendship, offering each other support and courage and strength.  


Last but not Least....The Bride and Groom- A Couple that you can't get enough of.


I can't think of anyone I like better than Jamie and Clare.  They've faced so much, together and separately; their first year required a lot of adjustments by both of them, but twenty-five years later their relationship is as strong and as respectful and as loving as ever.


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