51 Must-Read Books for Animal Lovers

Fire Bringer - David Clement-Davies

i think this one will be the first one on my list:


"Fire Bringer does for deer what Watership Down did for rabbits — except with a lot more action and excitement. Born an outcast, Rannoch comes to learn that he holds the key to vanquishing a ruthless tyrant and uniting two warring herds. His resulting adventure takes you deep into the fascinating history, politics, and drama of this all-animal world. I honestly don’t know why I picked this up, seeing as I don’t normally read fantasy, but Fire Bringer had me hooked from the very first page." -- Gabriel H.


 click on the link to discover the other 50.  How many will you add to your TBR?


ETA:  thanks to the commenters who advised of the Left-out titles:


Lora's Rants and Reviews

Tomasina by Paul gallico
Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell
Toby Tyler by James Otis
and most shameful of all ommissions,
Born Free by Joy Adamson!

White Fang


Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

Greyfriar's Bobby

Travels with Charlie


The Fish Place

Big Red

Duncton Wood


Books, Hockey, and a Bucketful of Snark

Incredible Journey

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