A Desperate Fortune - Susanna Kearsley

How could you not care about an author who treats her historic characters like this?:


"It's one of my personal quirks that I can't make a person a felon unless I'm convinced, from the records available, that's what he was. However long dead these people might be, they were – – and remain – – people first and as such they deserve to be written about with respect."




"So let me finish where I started.


Once upon a time, a baby girl was born at Saint-Germaine-en-Laye


Her name was Marie Anne Therese Dundas.


Her baptism, on July 25, 1710, was written down into the parish register… as was, in the very next entry, the note of her death, on the fourth of September that year. She had lived only six short weeks.


She wasn't given a chance at a life. So I gave her one.


Writers can't really change history, but we can decide, as I said,  where a story should end.


Not being fond of the ending of Mary's tale, I wrote a different one.


I wrote a better one."