Book Cover Love -- Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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 Wizard of Oz was one of my childhood favorites.  It has been published under both titles: Wizard of Oz, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  Here are several covers featuring illustrations by the original artist, W. W. Denslow:


ETA:  this one mentioned by Hyzie, aka Primrose, in the comments:

The pages are Emerald City green.


And several from the movie:


The story has inspired other artists over time who have added to the repertoire:


I love these gorgeous art-deco inspired covers:


Also these very contemporary ones:


These emphasize symbols:



And here are some specialty covers:


 Both of the next two highlight the objects of the quest: brain, heart, courage and home.  

I liked this one quite a lot:  


but this one's kind of terrible: 



 It's kind of funny that, although the book describes the slippers as silver, the movie's portrayal of them as ruby seems to be the image that has stuck:



There're about a million other book covers out there; some amazing, some very crappy.

these are among my favorites. (Except that one, up there with the brain.)